How do I add a new Distributor Case Manager?


If you are already setup on DocFast and need to add a new Distributor Case Manager to your agency, follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Transfer the Document for Approval

Step 1: Transfer the Document for Approval

The fastest way to add a new Distributor Case Manager to your agency is to Transfer the Document to the new user for their approval.  To get started with the Transfer, login with an existing Distributor Case Manager user account that has a document ready to be e-Delivered.

The Distributor Case Manager user should select the “Transfer for Approval” option from the actions dropdown and then the “Add New Case Manager” button in the pop up window.  Enter in the new Distributor Case Managers First Name, Last Name and Email Address. An email notification will be sent to the new Distributor Case Manager letting them know the document is ready for their review. The new Distributor Case Manager will need to register their account using the link provided in the email before they can access the document.