How do I add custom HTML headers or footers to Forms?


Forms allows clients to customize the header and footer of their environment to add company logos, instructional text and more. Each Profile ID can have a unique custom header and footer..  If you are a BGA or Carrier who wants to add custom header or footers to your forms environment, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Login to iService & Open the Forms Profile

  • Login to iService
  • Click on the Administration Tab. Select “Edit Profiles” then “Forms Profile” from the menu


Step 2: Choose what you want to customize

  • On the left side navigation click on “FormsPipe Configuration” then the “Customize Page HTML” option


  • Click on the dropdown next to the “FormsPipe HTML Section” label to choose the area of the page you would like to customize.
    • Header: The top portion of the page
    • Footer: The bottom porton of the page
    • Client Text: Displays above the header



Step 3: Add the custom HTML

  • Add the HTML code to the “HTML” value text box.  Choose the profile to apply the change to in the “Apply to profiles” section. Click save when complete.