How do I export a report to Excel?



If you are a user who is interested in exporting a report to use in Excel, follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Open a dashboard that contains the report you want to export

The most commonly exported reports are the Submitted Cases Report*, Transmission/Submission Report*, and Standard Detail Report.  In most cases these pages will not show any information until you export the report to Excel.  Open the dashboard of the report you would like to export before proceeding to the next step.

*Only available for Carriers.

Step 2: Export the report to CSV

Before exporting the report, choose any Date ranges or filters that you would like to use for your report.  When you are ready to export the report, click on the arrow next to the report name and select the”Download As..” button.  Choose the “CSV” option from the menu to download the report.

Your report will be downloaded to your computer and you can open it in Excel.