How do I resend e-Signature emails?

  1. Log into your iGO e-App account and navigate to the My Cases Screen.
  2. Locate the case for the desired client.
  3. Click the “Case Details…” button corresponding to the desired case.
  4. The e-Signature resend tool will be found on the right hand side of the “Case Details…” page.
  5. Any client eligible to receive an email will display a ‘Resend” button.
  6. Click “Resend.”
  7. A pop up window will display with the client name and email address.  You may edit the email address at this time if needed.
  8. Click “Resend Email.”        
  9. An email containing a new e-Signature link will be sent to the selected recipient.  All previously sent emails and links will be deactivated.  Please be sure to check all junk and spam folders frequently throughout the e-Signature process.