iService Updated User Interface (UI)

We are excited to announce that a new version of iService is coming March 31st and includes several new features listed below!

Improved Multi-Agency Management

You can now maintain multiple GAID’s using a single login.

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Manage Your iPipeline Products from a Single Page

You can now view all your enabled iPipeline products and manage their settings from the new Profile Settings page.

profile settings_v2

Streamlined Interface for Managing Users

From the new User Management screen, you can easily create a new user. You can also see a list of existing users and choose to edit, clone, reset passwords, or disable those users.

user management

Improved Interface for Term Quote Products

The new Annuity & Term Rates Profile screen provides View and Filter By drop downs or utilize the search bar to modify results before making your selections.


Improved Interface for Customizing Your Quote Engine

The new LifePipe screen displays all your configuration options in a single place so you can easily configure or update your Term Quote Engine.


Supports the Latest Browsers

Using Internet Explorer 11 or EDGE? Great!


For more information about browser support click here.