Report – Starts, Locks, Submits by Year


This article provides a description of the Starts, Locks, Submits by Year report on the iGo Dashboard.

Report Description

This report can be found in the iGo Dashboard on the High Level iGo Activity Tab.  For more information about changing  reports see, How do I access different reports and Which iPipeline products can I report on.

This report shows the started, locked and submitted cases year over year. A start is defined as anytime an agent begins a new iGO case.  A lock is flagged when the e-App is placed in good order and locked in the “validate and lock” section of your e-App.  A submit is flagged when all signatures have been obtained and successfully sent to the carrier. Illustrated cases will also count as a started application.

Note: By clicking on each year, you are able to drill down to the monthly activity. This report is not affected by the date dimension filter.