What are the differences between ReportPipe and GoodData?


This article is for existing ReportPipe users who are moving to GoodData and want to learn about the differences between the two platforms.

1. Custom variables
In some cases, ReportPipe users would have reports that included “custom” fields.  Custom fields are not supported in GoodData and may result in reports having less information then you are normally accustomed too.  For more information about missing fields please contact your project team.

2. Time Zone
ReportPipe data was displayed in EST.  GoodData reports use the GMT time zone.  This may result in different results when comparing the data between the two systems.

3.  Locked cases
The Standard Detail Report in ReportPipe displays ALL cases, including those that are started but not locked.  In the GoodData “Standard Detail Report” only locked cases are shown in the report.  Use the “Cases Started but not Locked” report on the “Agent Analysis” tab to see started cases in GoodData.

4.  Advanced reporting formats and scheduling
ReportPipe only supports a table report format.  GoodData supports charts, tables, maps and KPI’s in a visually appealing user interface.  Dashboards can also be scheduled for delivery via email.