What is my PIN, SSN, TIN?

The 4 digit e-Signature authentication number is pulled directly from information entered within the  iGO e-App electronic screens. For example, the insured e-Signature credentials will typically be pulled from the social security field located on the Proposed Insured screen. For this reason, you may want to go back to that screen, and verify that the Insured’s SSN was entered accurately.

  1. The client’s authentication number may vary depending on their e-Signing role.  For instance, and individual e-Signing on behalf of a corporation may be required to authenticate using the last digits of the Tax Identification Number.  Typically, the consumer will use an SSN or TIN to access the e-Signature process.
  2. The agent will typically use the last four of their SSN to authenticate into the e-Signature process.  It is possible that the agent was provided the opportunity to make up their own unique four digit PIN, in which case it would be whatever they entered on the electronic e-Signature screens within iGO.